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Because your puppies deserve better

Need solid information for your responsible breeding program but don't know where to look?

Check out our science-based courses for beginner to experienced breeders that help you breed better, safer, and with more confidence.


Learn how to whelp your litter safely

Learn best practices for safe and successful whelping, including

  • Supplies

  • What to expect during labor

  • What to do when puppies are born

  • How to handle placentas and umbilical cords

  • How to handle unresponsive and stillborn puppies

  • How to help your pups latch on and nurse

  • How to handle common whelping problems.

  • Includes videos of a dog in labor and a whelping supplies checklist!

  • And much more!

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Never miss another breeding again!

Avoid all the common mistakes and myths that surround fertility and timing for breedings.


Learn how to:

  • Pinpoint fertility, avoid small litters, singletons, or failed pregnancies

  • The right way to predict whelping date so you aren’t left wondering and worried for days—or longer

  • How and when eggs become fertile, what is ovulation and why is date of ovulation so important

  • What is cytology, and little-known ways it helps pinpoint fertility

  • PLUS DIY at-home bonuses, including semen analysis, AI, fecals, and more!

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