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Need real information for your responsible breeding program but don't know where to look?

Check out our science-based courses for beginner to experienced breeders that help you breed better, safer, and with more confidence.


Learn how to whelp your litter safely

Learn how to set up for whelping, supplies, what to expect during labor, what to do when puppies are born, how to handle placentas and umbilical cords, how to handle unresponsive and stillborn puppies, how to help your pups latch on and nurse, and how to handle common whelping problems.

  • Includes videos of a dog in labor and a whelping supplies checklist!

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Understand how puppies develop in the womb

Haven’t you ever wanted to peek inside your pregnant dam and know what was going on?

This course gives you an opportunity to do just that (in plain English!)!


The course also answers questions like:

  • What’s the difference between a birth defect and a genetic defect

  • At what point in development are defects likely to happen?

  • How cleft palates and similar birth defects are formed

  • What develops when during pregnancy?

  • Are heart murmurs a birth defect?

  • What exactly is a placenta and should you let your dog eat it?

  • How color genes can cause congenital deafness

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litter care.png

Learn how to care for my litter during the critical first month

Not sure what's normal for puppies at each age or what's normal for your dam after whelping?

This course focuses on daily care for your dam and puppies on a week-by-week basis.

Learn how to

  • Avoid infection in your dams

  • Feed your dam her for optimal health and the health of your puppies 

  • Monitor the health of your dam and puppies

  • Manage stress effectively

  • Manage loose stool in your dam

  • and puppies

  • Set up the proper environment for each week of your puppies' lives

  • Manage umbilical cords

  • Developmental markers to look for in your puppies

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Never miss another breeding again!

Avoid all the common mistakes and myths that surround fertility and timing for breedings.


Learn how to:

Pinpoint fertility, avoid small litters, singletons, or failed pregnancies

  • The right way to predict whelping date so you aren’t left wondering and worried for days—or longer

  • How and when eggs become fertile, what is ovulation and why is date of ovulation so important

  • What is cytology, and little-known ways it helps pinpoint fertility

  • PLUS DIY at-home bonuses, including semen analysis, AI, fecals, and more!

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Avoid common weaning mistakes

Canine Nursing & Weaning is designed for newer and more experienced breeders alike.


This course shows you how to feed and support your dam during nursing, how to wean successfully, and goes in depth about mother's milk, puppy microbiomes, and more!

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Find and understand reliable information for breeders

This is an important course if you want information independence. 

There’s so much information out there—and so much MISinformation. Being able to find your own answers in the science is a critical skill for anyone who wants to be a better breeder. 


This is a great course for breeders of all levels who want to be a able to find reliable sources and learn how to properly interpret them. 


This course is suitable for all experience levels, whether you barely got through high school bio or are currently in a master's program.

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No more nightmares about wormy puppies

Get rid of the puppy parasite nightmares and learn how to identify and control worms and other parasites.


No more sending puppies home wondering if you are going to get a call a week later about a wormy pup.



  • What the signs of infection with different parasites are

  • How parasites can kill your puppies

  • How to protect your children, helpers, and customers from catching parasites from puppies (and, yes, they can catch them)

  • To identify a parasite problem

  • Sample deworming protocols

Includes DIY at-home bonuses

Demo and instructions on how to do fecals at home 

  • Fecal record sheet to keep track of your fecals and dewormings

  • Parasite ID cheat sheet

  • Detailed comparison of monthly parasite preventatives

  • How to use a microscope at home

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One bad outbreak can devastate your breeding program

Learn the best ways to protect your puppies and dogs as well as the humans who interact with them.


We're going to be busting a lot of myths about cleaning and disinfecting.


This includes 

  • What actually disinfects and what you are wasting your money on. 

  • How you may be using the right cleaner the wrong way and inadvertently increasing infection risk

  • How diseases and parasites spread

  • Do steam mops really work

  • How should coronavirus impact your practices 

  • What are the right ways to clean and disinfect

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