Ji Khalsa


​Ji has trained for police work, sport and competition, pet, and service work. She was on the Board of Directors of the North American Ring Association, a thriving sport dog association. She is a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, and is Accredited (IAACB-ADT) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.


Ji has a Masters degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Arizona State University, including independent studies in the link between canine genetics and behavior. She also has a graduate certificate in Regulatory Affairs from San Diego State University. She worked as a graduate student in an embryology and fetal development laboratory where she developed a fascination with the process of the formation of new life, from fertilization through birth. 


Ji has completed additional graduate work in molecular genetics and immunology and spent over 20 years managing large bioresearch projects. While most scientists specialize, Ji’s unquenchable curiosity and drive to build systems led her to program management, where she was able to learn and engage deeply with both the science and business aspects of a wide array of scientific disciplines. 


Her scientific project management included animal welfare, immunology/vaccinology, toxicology, pharmacology, national biodefense, pandemic response, drug development and manufacturing, cancer therapies, and more. 


Ji’s first love is teaching and helping others see the joy and wonder of life through the understanding of its biological foundations. Ji taught college-level biology, microbiology, and biotechnology courses for many years. She was an integral part of establishing new programs and curricula for several colleges and universities, including therapeutics manufacturing programs for Texas A&M University. She has created over a dozen new college and university courses for certificate programs and both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. She created the Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences program degree and certificate programs and curriculum for Blinn University and wrote the prospectus that earned the program SACS accreditation on its first submission. 


She applies her extensive knowledge of genetics, behavior, embryology, development, immunology, and health to helping responsible breeders become informed about science-based breeding and puppy rearing practices. 

Ji is the founder of Midwoofery