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Ji Khalsa


Meet Ji, an accomplished professional dedicated to promoting education and responsible practices for responsible dog breeders. With a profound educational background and extensive experience, Ji instills confidence in her ability to provide valuable insights and guidance.

Ji holds a Master's degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Arizona State University, where she pursued independent studies exploring the intricate link between canine genetics and behavior. Additionally, she earned a graduate certificate in Regulatory Affairs from San Diego State University. Ji's work in an embryology and fetal development laboratory sparked her fascination with the wondrous process of new life formation, from conception to birth.

Ji has written two best-selling Amazon books about dogs, including "Nurturing New Life: A Guide to Whelping & Neonatal Care for the Responsible Dog Breeder." Her third book, "Cracking the Canine Code: Unleashing the Secrets of Your Dog’s Body Language," is scheduled for release August 2023.


Throughout her impressive 20-year research management career, Ji has effectively overseen over $100 million in federally funded bioscience research. Her dedication led her to pursue further graduate work in molecular genetics and immunology. While many scientists choose to specialize, Ji's insatiable curiosity and drive to build comprehensive systems propelled her into program management. This unique role allowed her to deeply engage with the scientific and business aspects of various disciplines, including animal welfare, immunology/vaccinology, toxicology, pharmacology, national biodefense, pandemic response, drug development and manufacturing, and cancer therapies.


However, Ji's true passion lies in teaching and sharing the profound wonders of life through the lens of biological understanding. She taught college-level biology, microbiology, and biotechnology courses, playing an integral role in establishing new programs and curricula for esteemed colleges and universities. Notably, she was the key consultant on the development of therapeutics manufacturing programs for Texas A&M University and designed over a dozen courses for certificate programs and undergraduate and graduate degree programs. 


Ji empowers responsible breeders by providing science-based insights into breeding and puppy-rearing practices by leveraging her extensive knowledge in genetics, behavior, embryology, development, immunology, and health. Her mission is to equip breeders with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and promote the well-being of their dogs.


Ji's commitment to professional excellence is reflected in her affiliations, as she is a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. Additionally, she holds accreditation (IAABC-ADT) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.


Beyond her academic pursuits, Ji's personal experiences further enhance her understanding of dogs and their needs. Throughout her adult life, she has bred and trained working dogs, and she currently focuses on producing healthy and happy companion dogs near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ji's is owned by several adorable dogs, three unruly cats, a BLM Mustang with way more sense than she has, and a lovable miniature donkey.

As the founder of Midwoofery, a highly esteemed science-based educational resource for responsible dog breeders, Ji is dedicated to providing invaluable guidance and support. With Ji's expertise and mentorship, breeders can confidently navigate the complex world of dog breeding, ensuring the highest standards of care and well-being for their beloved companions.

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