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Cracking the Canine Code

Unleashing the Secrets of Your Dog's Body Language

With a Special Section for Responsible Dog Breeders

Ready to up your breeding game?


Want to stand out from the crowd in this crazy market? Well, I’ve got you covered, and for less than the cost of a single Kong toy.
My newest book, Cracking the Canine Code: Unleashing the Secrets of Your Dog's Body Language will help you bring your program to the next level. 


This book is an invaluable resource for breeders looking to improve the well-being of their dogs, the satisfaction of their customers, and the success of their breeding programs.

There’s even an entire section (the second half of the book) dedicated to the development of canine communication in puppies, written by a breeder and trainer (me ) with other breeders in mind (you! ).

  1. Make Better Puppy Placements.
    Learn how to better match puppies with prospective owners by understanding each puppy's unique temperament and communication signals.

  2. Socialize Better and More Safely.
    We all know how important socialization is, but did you know if you can’t read the signals a puppy is giving you then you could acutally be doing more harm than good?

    Be sure your puppies are well-prepared for diverse environments and experiences and not overfaced or overstressed by well-intentioned efforts at socialization.

  3. Prevent Behavioral Issues .
    Recognize early signs of behavioral issues in puppies, allowing for timely intervention and training to prevent problems in the future.

  4. Communication.
    Improved understanding of canine body language fosters better communication between breeders and their dogs, leading to happier, healthier dogs.

  5. Reduce Puppy Returns.
    By making more accurate puppy placements, you can reduce the likelihood of puppies being returned due to incompatibility issues.

  6. Strengthen Your Breeding Program.
    Ensure you know everything you need to about the temperaments of the dogs you are breeding and the puppies you are producing.

  7. Grow Professionally.
    Differentiate yourself as a professional who prioritizes the welfare and happiness of their puppies and their new families.

  8. Reduce Stress.
    Understanding when dogs are stressed or uncomfortable can lead to reduced stress in breeding environments, benefiting both dogs and breeders.

  9. Enhance Your Reputation.
    Breeders who prioritize the mental and emotional needs of their dogs can build a positive reputation in the breeding community and among dog owners.

  10. Foster Responsible Ownership.
    By helping new owners understand canine body language, breeders educated in canine body language contribute to responsible dog ownership, reducing the likelihood of dogs being surrendered to shelters.

  11. Enhance Customer Satisfaction.
    Happy, well-matched puppies lead to satisfied customers, who are more likely to recommend your program to others.

  12. Resolve Conflicts.
    Use your understanding of body language to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings between dogs in your care.

The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs by the highly esteemed Martha Hoffman, who is a legend in service dog training and breeding and so much  more and who has been my friend and mentor for 30 years.


The photos feature Bali Heritage Dogs, the oldest breed on the planet.


  • Ebook Preorder available now, paperback and hardcovers available in November.

  • Ebook—full color

  • Paperback— black and white (to keep printing costs down)

  • Hardcover—full color and a wonderful gift option or coffee table book


Nurturing New Life

Whelping & Neonatal Care for Responsible Dog Breeders

  • Do you worry about handling everything that can go wrong during whelping?

  • Can you recognize a prolapsed uterus?

  • Do you know what steps to take if an umbilical cord is cut too short or won’t stop bleeding?

  • Can you recognize the signs of dystocia, canine herpes or, eclampsia, defects, and other emergent issues?

All these and more are critical aspects of the whelping process you must master to ensure the health and survival of your dam and her puppies.

Nurturing New Life helps breeders like you address these and other challenges. It provides in-depth knowledge, practical advice, and ready-to-use templates and tools to equip you with the expertise and confidence you need.


Don’t let uncertainty cause you unnecessary stress. Arm yourself with the knowledge and resources you need for a successful whelping experience. Your dogs and puppies depend on it.

Nurturing New Life is an indispensable read for anyone involved in breeding dogs, whether a first-time breeder, professional breeder, or even a practicing veterinarian.


This invaluable guide shines a light on the complex yet enthralling world of canine reproduction, empowering you to navigate its intricate processes with greater confidence and knowledge.

This book is more than an informative resource—it's a practical toolkit you can turn to in times of need. It offers deep insights into vital aspects of the breeding process, including predicting due dates, handling common whelping problems, and managing the whelping process.


Its detailed content on progesterone testing and other essential topics is delivered in a straightforward, digestible manner, enhancing your readiness and ability to handle a range of whelping scenarios and fostering a safer, more successful whelpings.

Nurturing New Life provides invaluable advice on urgent matters such as caring for struggling newborn puppies, identifying health concerns, and deciding when to seek professional veterinary help.


This invaluable asset can save lives in crises by helping you make crucial decisions that significantly impact your dog’s and her puppies’ health and well-being.

The book includes forms, templates, and diagrams to simplify the whelping process. Key resources include puppy birth logs that aid in tracking the health and development of each newborn, as well as clearly illustrated diagrams that provide visual support for complex decision making.


The book also includes calcium tables for whelping and outlines the caloric requirements for pregnant and nursing dogs, enabling you to provide optimal nutrition at these crucial stages.


This book guides you through the entire process, enhancing your confidence and efficiency in managing the many challenges of whelping.

Nurturing New Life is more than just a book—it’s an essential companion that equips you with the knowledge to successfully navigate the intricate world of canine reproduction. It’s an opportunity to enrich your understanding, improve your practice, and provide the best care for your dogs and pups throughout their breeding journey.

Whether you are a new breeder or long-time breeder don’t miss out on this book.

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