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Equality & Diversity Statement

We recognize, respect, and value diversity. 

We strive to have a positive impact on the environment, to practice anti-racism and anti-oppression, and to promote social justice in our business and personal lives.

We are committed to inclusion across age, gender, race, religion, and identity. ​


We stand with the Black, Latine, First Peoples, and other Communities of Color and BLM in solidarity.  

To further support this, we reject unfounded conspiracy theories and disallow them in any of our forums or communities. We support dissemination of facts, events, and news from credible sources.


This website is founded on the ideal of using as much science-based information as possible to support responsible dog breeding. Unfounded conspiracy theories are antithetical to that ideal.

Even more importantly, conspiracy theories are very often nothing more than manipulative tools to frighten people so  they will not trust the truth, which foments division.

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