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Our Mission

Midwoofery was created to educate and support responsible dog breeders. Dogs don’t appear in shelters from out of nowhere. Dogs in shelters and rescues are bred. However, they are bred irresponsibly: They come from pet owners, back yard breeders, and puppy mills. They do NOT come from responsible and ethical breeders. That would be an oxymoron, as no responsible breeder, by definition, allows their puppies to end up in shelters or rescues. 


Without responsible breeders there would be NO puppies that come from health tested parents. There would be NO puppies that come from parents evaluated for temperament and structure. There would be NO puppies that are purpose bred, whether for breed or work/aptitude. There would be NO breeds. There would only be uncleared, unplanned, unknown-origin puppies. 


We believe that shelter adoption and rescue are valuable and needed in our society until we eliminate irresponsible breeding. We believe in adopt OR shop. But the elimination of irresponsible breeding requires the support and encouragement of responsible breeding. We are here to help move forward responsible breeding as a means to improve the lives of all dogs born.

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