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Nurturing New Life Book

Welcome to the Nurturing New Life: A Guide to Whelping and Neonatal Care for the Responsible Dog Breeder!

f you don't already own the book, you can purchase your ebook here. Hardcopy and Audible audiobook due out summer 2023. 

I'm thrilled to provide you with a curated selection of valuable resources to complement your reading experience. 

Here are the links and references mentioned throughout the book, to enhance your journey as a responsible breeder. 

Simply click on the links below to discover the tools that will make your whelpings safer and smoother. ​

If you'd like the companion course to this book with plenty of illustrative whelping videos, you can find it here

For what comes next in caring for your bitch and puppies post whelping, check out this course.


For other courses to put you well on your path to being a master breeder, check out my course catalog

Let me know if you need other kinds of resources and I'll try to add them to this page!

Is Your Breeding Program Sustainable?

If you are struggling to make ends meet in your breeding program or simply want to increase its financial stability, click here for more information. 

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