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Let Me Show You How to Increase Your Income from Each Puppy You Send Home
—without Adding a Bunch of Extra Work to your Daily Routine

Meet Ji!

Hello and welcome! I'm Ji. I'm a successful entrepreneur, mom, and breeder.


Like you, I'm a breeder trying to make ends meet without having to give up the high standards I demand for my breeding program.


I work with thousands of responsible breeders, helping them elevate their programs and create financially sound businesses. 

How much longer are you going to struggle to make your program financially stable?

  • Let me help you discover the multi-thousand dollar mistake I made per puppy I sent home that I still regret to this day.

  • I show you why responsible breeders can produce great puppies,  but fail to thrive. 

  • I explain why everything you've tried to use to increase your income has failed and why it's also not your fault

Still Not Convinced, Yet?
Will this Work for Me, too?

Being in the dog world (conformation, field trials, agility, breeding) over 30 years, I have learned that there is always a better way (to do anything). 


When I joined this team of breeders, I realized I’d been spinning my wheels for years trying this and that affiliate program to help support my breeding program and my bottom line. 

Most of the effort I spent wasn’t worth the time I put into it; or the products were ok, but not ideal (or they weren’t something I could get passionate about). 


Being on this team has made all the difference. I LOVE the products, and even better, my picky dogs do too! 


The team culture is amazing…warm, positive, encouraging, and so very helpful. 


I’m not a sales person and I am not comfortable selling, and you know what? High pressure sales are actually discouraged (like I said, my kind of culture). 


The spirit of this team embraces the idea that we just need to care about pets, and share products that help pets thrive. 


With the tools and support I have received, I’ve become so much more successful than I could have ever imagined, earning a free cruise in the first three months after I joined, along with enough extra income to allow me to take an extra vacation this year; but the biggest benefit is that my dogs and their pups are healthier and happier. 


Now my goal (which looks more doable every day) is to build my business so that I have retirement income when I am no longer able to breed. 


Ultimately, being a part of this team has supported me in every way as a breeder.


It has been great to be able to not only bounce nutrition questions off other breeders, but other general breeding questions too. I love seeing ideas of how others are using different products in their programs which can be helpful to my pups and help build more business. 


This has helped my breeding program because I can make recommendations I believe in plus back it up with the fact that I know lots of other breeders doing the same. Because we all breed I feel like you can say I network with a bunch of other breeders all working together. I feel it has weight in the customers eyes.


I have been a breeder and trainer for over 40 years. There is no real planning ahead as the realities of breeding and planning don't seem to care about my schedule and finances. So there can be long periods of no puppies. No puppies, no income. 


This leads to a stressful life of waiting and waiting and having no idea what next month will bring. It was a struggle to keep my business afloat and my bills paid. It is not for a lack of not working hard. Even when there are no puppies you work hard with caring for your dogs, arranging future breedings, making sure they all get the health clearances they need, and so much more. There’s always the stress of making sure you have enough of a reserve for any emergencies or c-sections.

I have never been good at sales, except for my dogs who I love dearly, and it isn’t like selling it’s more talking about how wonderful I feel they are.

I finally realized that my puppy families were asking for advice on what products they should use. And to my surprise they bought what I suggested. 


A light bulb went off in my head! Wow, they are taking my advice and buying these. Why not have them buy from me? I was so lucky because I have a fabulous team that really supports me. And believe me, I needed a lot of support. I now have a new extended “family.”  


I no longer worry about those dry times and I have gone on several vacations, visited friends who are out of state, and the best is that I have been to Disney World numerous times.

I can’t recommend this program highly enough.


I am very solution oriented and I don’t feel like I am selling, rather meeting the needs of pet owners and breeders. I like promoting products that have limited ingredients and are nutrient dense. As breeders, we search far and wide to better our program, and this is appealing to me because it ticks so many boxes in my mental checklist for excellence.

Because I haven’t been breeding for very long, I take the word of respected and well-known breeders on some things as well as researching them for myself. Our team is made up of many of those people and I trust their judgement and their decades-long experience breeding quality dogs.

In my own program, my puppy families have been very happy, as have I. 


It’s a win-win.


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