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Thank you for downloading your Cheat Sheet! Affiliate sales are a great start, but that's only the tip of the passive income iceberg!

Watch this short webinar about how I jump-started additional income from my puppies while giving my puppy families recommendations they were begging for and without any high-pressure sales tactics Plus, I can show you how to earn the kind of continuous residual income from your customers that you won't see from affiliate sales. 

Most of my life I have had a hard time selling anything, even my beloved puppies, who I love and believe in with all my heart. I raised and trained working dogs, family dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs. Dogs have consistently been an integral part of my life for 30+ years and have enriched my life in ways I can’t describe.


But it’s always been a struggle to make ends meet, no matter how hard I worked or how good I was. Breeding is not a business that is known for predictable cash flow.


Moreover, there’s a stigma against making money working with dogs, especially breeding that many people (even some breeders themselves) buy into, if only on a subconscious level. Some successful breeders consider it a hobby (“doing it for the breed”). They justify their losses, or lack of appropriate compensation, to be for the betterment of the breed, but most of us can’t afford such an expensive hobby. Besides, doing what we love shouldn’t just be for those who are already independently wealthy. And there’s no shame in making a living doing what you love within an ethical framework (ANY profession should be approached ethically).


I studied as much about marketing as I could. I took thousands of dollars in classes, I hired coaches. I learned a lot! I developed a comprehensive website with a lot of great content and learned everything I never wanted to know about SEO. I started successful social media pages with large and loyal followings. I participated as much as possible in online groups and forums. I started to get referrals from people and trainers and even other breeders I never even heard of.


As I built my program and had years of great puppies and happy endings under my belt, I became so much more comfortable with marketing my puppies. Now it’s become second nature. But as a small home-based breeder, cash flow was always a huge problem and I felt like a failure.


I would be fine in a month that I sent a litter home. But the months between were usually awful and so, so stressful. I still had to work hard caring for dogs, arranging breedings, caring for pregnant and whelping dams, ensuring all of my dogs had proper health clearances, and so much more.


And because the timing of litters is so dependent on the whims of Mother Nature, I never knew when I would have my next chunk of income and I was constantly afraid for the welfare of my family and dogs. Would I have a litter in 2 months? Or would cycles be late and take 4 months or even 6 more than I expected? How many puppies would I have? Would there be any emergencies that would cost me thousands of dollars?


It’s impossible to pay bills on time with erratic income like this. And not just pay bills, but care for my dogs at the level I insist they be cared for.


By most accounts, I was a very successful breeder. Where I still failed was in finding other ways to gain full value from the program I spent so much blood, sweat, and tears building over the years. I had seen other people succeed, though, with direct marketing and other digital or social marketing skills. I just didn’t feel I had those.


That changed for me over the years as I found products that I truly believed in and couldn’t imagine being without. I also realized that puppy families were literally begging me to tell them what to spend their money on and that they considered my recommendations to be part of the service they expected.

I finally got to the point where I went a little out of my comfort zone and started sharing affiliate links and recommending a few direct marketing products. But something was still missing for me. Something big.

I was thrilled to find products I loved to use and could stand behind without hesitation, but  I also wanted a lucrative side gig that would complement my breeding business, not distract from it or get in the way of it. I didn’t have time to run yet another time-consuming business.


Finally I found the perfect opportunity with products I could be passionate about—ones that were an asset to my breeding program. Then I was lucky enough to fall onto the right team, and found near-immediate success.


Then I realized THAT was the missing piece . . . my team! My tribe. This is so important and was the part of the puzzle I was trying to solve. Finding my team was like coming home. I feel so supported and cared for it’s indescribable, and they motivated and educated me to get where I needed to be even faster than I had ever expected.


My team took me under their wing, motivated me, taught me, held my hand and even spoon fed me when I needed it. No pressure, no shame, no false friendships. With their help, I have made it to a leadership role.


It was totally authentic. Real caring, real people, real help, real support. I will never go back to that place of insecurity and my only regret is that I waited this long.


But it was still hard for me. I didn’t fit into the normal business model. Selling products wasn’t my main business, and I didn’t want it to be. There’s no business that I know of whose purpose is to help breeders make money in a way that worked alongside their breeding program.


Being a particularly stubborn person, I didn’t give up or accept what others told me was the way things were. I tried one thing after another and found my own path to success that looks nothing like what anyone else is doing. I developed a way to provide better service for my puppy families and eliminate the financial insecurity I constantly felt.


I learned that not only did my puppy families welcome product suggestions, but they WANTED them and were grateful for them. Most families have an amount of money—whether conscious or not—that they plan to spend on their puppy.


So they could spend it on products I stand by and can make commission or profit on, or they could buy from someone else who made the commission or profit and who wasn’t as vested in their long-term success with their puppy as I was. And I learned how to do it all without ever being pushy or “salesy.”


I also learned how to create and build long-term passive income. Breeding isn’t an easy profession. It’s physically and emotionally challenging, and for the most part most of us don’t have big benefits packages or retirement plans.


I needed to think about those future needs as well.


Thank goodness I found my answers. Now I don’t have the same worry about paying bills, providing top care for my dogs, affording an expensive international breeding if that’s what’s best for my program. I even take vacations now!


I have income in months I don’t have litters going home.

Even better, I have income in months when I’m super busy with litters because of the passive income machine I’ve built.


Now I'm ready to give back and help other breeders

I’m looking for a few top-notch, responsible breeders to join my team and get their share. Breeders who have similar goals and ideals.


This is an application-only offer. I am looking for breeders who are professional, ethical, and responsible and who have a drive to build something better than the traditional breeding business model.


If you are interested in growing your own business, easing the cash flow crunches between litters, creating more financial security, giving more support to your puppy families by providing them with quality products they are asking for, and providing your puppies with a lifetime of holistic care, let's see if this is right for you.


There is no hefty buy-in required, no expensive start up package to purchase.


If you are interested, please fill out the application and let's talk.

Here's What You'll Get
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Learn to Leverage Affiliate and Direct Marketing ! 

  • Earn commissions on the money your puppy families will spend anyway when they get ready to take home their puppy...

  • Add an additional Revenue stream...

  • Create long-term passive income that can become an integral part of your retirement plan without adding more work to your regular routine...

($497 Value)

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Provide a Better-Rounded Service for Your Puppy Families! ​

  • Naturally Increases average sale prices per customer...

  • Including made in the USA and happiness guarantees...

  • Never feel like you are “selling” or pressuring anyone. In fact, you will be doing the opposite and having them come to you and ask you to answer their needs...

  • Ensure a lifetime of holistic care for your puppies in their new homes...

($997 Value)

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Dozens of DONE-FOR-YOU Resources

  • We do the work for you!

  • You'll Have exclusive access to:

    • Sample emails to send to your puppy families...

    • Sample Feeding Instructions to send home with your puppies...

    • Sample letter to attach to your puppy health certificate...

    • Help with Weaning protocols...

    • How to sell or upsell products with NO pressure so that you earn more money for each puppy you send home...

    • Pre-written wording for marketing...

    • A huge library of professional graphics and videos...

    • And more!...

($497 value)

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Unique Support with Your Own Marketing and Breeding Mentor

  • Gain the advantage your mentor's experience and support (you won't be left alone without a support system)...

  • You will be given your own marketing mentor (who is also a responsible breeder) ...

  • The opportunity to have a breeding mentor and/or support covering everything from A to Z when you need it (that can include anything from breeding decisions to client relations to puppy development to business development and lots more!)...

($1497 value)

If You Are Accepted I Will Show You How To

  • Grow Your Business

  • Ease Your Cash Flow Crunches Between Litters

  • ​Create More Financial Security

  • ​Give More Support to your Puppy Families by Providing Them with Quality Products They Are Already Asking For

  • ​Provide Your Puppies with a Lifetime of Holistic Care


WITHOUT any high-pressure selling or adding a lot of work to your already busy load!

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Being in the dog world (conformation, field trials, agility, breeding) over 30 years, I have learned that there is always a better way (to do anything). 


When I joined this team of breeders, I realized I’d been spinning my wheels for years trying this and that affiliate program to help support my breeding program and my bottom line. 

Most of the effort I spent wasn’t worth the time I put into it; or the products were ok, but not ideal (or they weren’t something I could get passionate about). 


Being on this team has made all the difference. I LOVE the products, and even better, my picky dogs do too! 


The team culture is amazing…warm, positive, encouraging, and so very helpful. 


I’m not a sales person and I am not comfortable selling, and you know what? High pressure sales are actually discouraged (like I said, my kind of culture). 


The spirit of this team embraces the idea that we just need to care about pets, and share products that help pets thrive. 


With the tools and support I have received, I’ve become so much more successful than I could have ever imagined, earning a free cruise in the first three months after I joined, along with enough extra income to allow me to take an extra vacation this year; but the biggest benefit is that my dogs and their pups are healthier and happier. 


Now my goal (which looks more doable every day) is to build my business so that I have retirement income when I am no longer able to breed. 


Ultimately, being a part of this team has supported me in every way as a breeder.

—DD, Colorado

It has been great to be able to not only bounce nutrition questions off other breeders, but other general breeding questions too. I love seeing ideas of how others are using different products in their programs which can be helpful to my pups and help build more business. 

—JK, Wisconsin

This has helped my breeding program because I can make recommendations I believe in plus back it up with the fact that I know lots of other breeders doing the same. Because we all breed I feel like you can say I network with a bunch of other breeders all working together. I feel it has weight in the customers eyes.

—AR, Maryland

I have been a breeder and trainer for over 40 years. There is no real planning ahead as the realities of breeding and planning don't seem to care about my schedule and finances. So there can be long periods of no puppies. No puppies, no income. 


This leads to a stressful life of waiting and waiting and having no idea what next month will bring. It was a struggle to keep my business afloat and my bills paid. It is not for a lack of not working hard. Even when there are no puppies you work hard with caring for your dogs, arranging future breedings, making sure they all get the health clearances they need, and so much more. There’s always the stress of making sure you have enough of a reserve for any emergencies or c-sections.

I have never been good at sales, except for my dogs who I love dearly, and it isn’t like selling it’s more talking about how wonderful I feel they are.

I finally realized that my puppy families were asking for advice on what products they should use. And to my surprise they bought what I suggested. 


A light bulb went off in my head! Wow, they are taking my advice and buying these. Why not have them buy from me? I was so lucky because I have a fabulous team that really supports me. And believe me, I needed a lot of support. I now have a new extended “family.”  


I no longer worry about those dry times and I have gone on several vacations, visited friends who are out of state, and the best is that I have been to Disney World numerous times.

I can’t recommend this program highly enough.

—HK, Florida

I am very solution oriented and I don’t feel like I am selling, rather meeting the needs of pet owners and breeders. I like promoting products that have limited ingredients and are nutrient dense. As breeders, we search far and wide to better our program, and this is appealing to me because it ticks so many boxes in my mental checklist for excellence.

Because I haven’t been breeding for very long, I take the word of respected and well-known breeders on some things as well as researching them for myself. Our team is made up of many of those people and I trust their judgement and their decades-long experience breeding quality dogs.

In my own program, my puppy families have been very happy, as have I. 


It’s a win-win.

—CH, Massachusetts