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We Are Breeders

Helping Other Breeders Put Their Best Paw Forward!

We understand the business and its stresses and challenges more than any generic social media company ever can

Social Media Packages

When you choose one of our social media packages tailored specifically to breeders, we'll help you take advantage of social media marketing and all the opportunities social networks provide.

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Social media is a jungle, and it's even worse if you are a breeder.

Breeders are

  • Busy!!!

  • Not social media experts

  • Plagued by platforms that are unfriendly or even hostile to breeders

  • Intimidated by the constantly changing tech

  • Made to feel unwelcome on social media due to anti-breeding sentiment by both the platforms and some members of the public


Midwoofery can help!


We UNDERSTAND the business because we are breeders too.


We have established a team of expert and experienced social media managers to take your social media to the next level while helping enhance and protect your reputation.

How Your breeding program can benefit from our social media packages

Increased brand awareness: Social media platforms can help breeders reach a larger audience and raise awareness of their brand.

Attracting new customers: Social media can be an effective tool for breeding programs to attract new customers through targeted advertising and organic reach.

Engaging with existing customers: Social media can be used to build relationships with existing customers and provide customer service.

Targeting specific demographics: Social media platforms offer targeting options that allow breeders to reach specific demographics and geographic locations.

Measuring ROI: Some of our social media packages come with analytics that allow small businesses to measure the return on investment for their marketing efforts.

Cost-effective: Utilizing social media marketing packages are generally more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods such as print ads and billboards

Engaging with competitors: Breeders can research what their competitors are doing and learn from them to improve their own social media marketing efforts.

Package Options

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*Currently we provide management for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. We hope to add video-based platforms like YouTube and TikTok soon.

Social Media Packages

What's Included in Our Social Media Packages?*

High-quality postings

We'll craft your updates based on information from your site and other relevant sources in an effort to increase the number of times people engage with and share your content on social media.

Page monitoring

Spammers are rampant on social media, but we'll help keep them away from your pages and accounts by monitoring your page every 24-48 hours.

Business page optimization

We will improve your breeding program's social media sites according to industry standards and best practices.


We will stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, and to get insights into the preferences and behaviours of your target market.

Monthly progress report

At the end of each month you will get a progress report with all the details concerning your campaigns.

* Not all services are available in all packages

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