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Rank On the First Page of Google Searches

Our software tells you exactly what to do!

  • Tired of the hassle of trying to sell puppies on social media and getting reported or deplatformed?

  • Want to be found on Google and sell more puppies from the platform YOU control (your website)?

  • Not tech-oriented, but still need to be able to improve and manage your website traffic?

  • Get started and up and running in less than an hour

  • And get results in less than 1 hour a week

  • If you can log into a website, you can do this!

Click here for a transcript if you prefer text over video.

Affordable Website Traffic Solutions

Most SEO consultants run well over $1000 a month, and you have zero control over it and don't even know if they are doing things correctly—or even if they are doing anything at all.

Our solutions start at under $55 per month!

That means we charge you less for an entire year's worth of service than most others charge for a single month!

Email Me For Your Free SEO Audit Now!


We've got you covered!

Breeders are

  • Busy!!!

  • Not website traffic experts

  • Plagued by not getting found on Google and other search engines and not getting a lot of inquiries from your website

  • Intimidated by the constantly changing tech

  • Stuck trying to sell our puppies on social media and running into anti-breeding sentiment by both the platforms and some members of the public

Midwoofery can help!


We UNDERSTAND the business because we are breeders too.


We have an EASY and AFFORDABLE SEO solution for breeders PLUS our SEO Academy courses are included in the price.

How Your breeding program can benefit from our SEO package


And get traffic from the platform YOU control: your website

Increased Visibility: The more visible your website is, the higher the chances are that potential customers will find it.


SEO helps increase your visibility by optimizing key words and phrases on your website so they show up in searches on search engines like Google and Bing. 

It’s Cost-Effective: While paid advertising might bring in more traffic faster, SEO provides long-term results because it works 24/7 to make sure your content is seen by potential customers who are searching for it. 

It’s Targeted: Because SEO allows you to target specific keywords that people use when searching for products or services related to dogs, you can ensure that the people who are actually interested in what you offer see your website first.  

It Improves User Experience: Good website design paired with great content helps keep viewers engaged with your site longer—and this improves user experience overall, which means better reviews and ratings from visitors who have had a good experience on your site. 

It Helps Build Brand Awareness & Credibility: Optimizing your content using SEO not only makes it easier for potential customers to find you, but also builds trust in the eyes of those who do find you because they know they are getting high-quality information right away without having to sift through irrelevant links or outdated information.


This helps build brand awareness and credibility over time—two things every business needs! 

It Saves Time & Money In The Long Run: By investing time into properly implementing SEO tactics now instead of later down the road (or worse yet - never!), businesses save money on future efforts by ensuring they have already created an effective foundation from which all other digital marketing strategies can grow off of without needing extensive work afterwards due poor planning initially! This saves both time & money in the long run! 


We are different from typical SEO solutions, like Moz and Semrush. 

Those services are really useful—if you already know and understand SEO and a lot of tech. Those services provide you with data to improve your SEO, then you build a strategy from the data. 

But I'll bet you're like me and don't know what to do with all that data. 


Miwdoofery SEO is just the opposite. It's instruction based, not data based.


We walk you through building a strategy, show you how to implement it on your website, give you automated/AI tools to do a lot of the work for you, and track your ongoing performance.

Plus, our SEO Academy courses are included in the price!


You can think of it as your own personal SEO coach and assistant. 

SEO pricing.png

Click on pricing table to enlarge

What's Included?

Everything you need to conquer your own SEO, including our full suite of tools

  • Monthly step-by-step SEO actions with how-to guides

  • Keyword research tools to discover the searches your future puppy clients are searching for (and your competitors are using!)

  • AI-powered blog content and SEO copy creation

  • Google Business Profile tool

  • Ongoing keyword tracking for 75 keywords across Google

  • Frequent website audits and monthly reports

  • Full access to the Midwoofery SEO Academy so you can truly understand what SEO is and how to make it work for your program

  • Our amazing live chat support from our SEO team

Still Not Sure? I've Got Your Back!

Love it or get a full refund with our 14-day money back guarantee

Start Your Risk-Free 14-Day Trial Now

Sign up now for the monthly plan at only $54.94 a month
14-day FREE trial
Sign up now for the annual plan at $593.35 and save 10%
14 day FREE trial
Start your 14-day trial now

How Does It Work?

Build your SEO plan.png


Build Your Personalized SEO Plan in Minutes

From finding the right keywords to identifying quick fixes, our platform guides you step-by-step as you create a bespoke SEO plan for your breeding program.

Connect with one of our SEO experts via unlimited live chat to be confident you're on the right track

We write your SEO Copy.png


Our AI Will Write Your SEO and Blog Copy

Our AI Writing Assistant, the Content Wizard, creates SEO-friendly website copy for you.

Whether it's a new blog post or on-page SEO text, it creates optimized content based on your target keywords.

This is perfect if the thought of writing content fills you with dread!

An AI-based content subscription of this level will start at an additional $99/month as a separate service, but it's included in our platform.

Easily make changes.png


Easily Start Making SEO Changes

Our platform tells you exactly what SEO changes to make to start ranking higher, along with simple and easy-to-follow (really!) instructions.

Best of all, you tell the platform how much time you want to spend each month and it prioritizes the things you need to complete.

Easily track .png


Easily Track & Get Reports on Your Higher Rankings

Our platform tracks your progress over time so you can see exactly how the actions you've implemented have driven more traffic and puppy applications over time.

BONUS: Get our SEO Academy courses that make understanding SEO simple and easy included in your price!


It's Here! Affordable Website Traffic Just for Breeders Like You! 

Hi, I’m Ji Khalsa from Midwoofery and I’m here to tell you it’s time to get rid of your reliance on social media to place your puppies. 

A few of years ago when Facebook started deplatforming breeders willy nilly, I decided I would not allow myself to become yet another victim of breeder prejudice, blind bots, and arbitrary decisions. 

I needed a solution that would remove my reliance on social media for placing puppies and give me back CONTROL of my sales platform.

I realized I needed to work more on my website and get found on Google.

That involved SEO—search engine optimization—so that I would show up on the first page of Google, Bing, and other search sites.

It took me some time to figure things out, but I not only got off me dependence on social media, but once I got on the first page of Google searches I started having so much interest I was able to raise my prices a lot while at the same time being pickier about the homes I selected.

But it didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t come easy.


When I started working on my SEO I thought, hey, I've got a decent brain. I can do this. 


Holy carp. I was wrong. 


SEO sounds kind of simple, but when I tried to figure out what to do and how to do it, the information out there was complicated, super techie, and hard even for me, someone who is comfortable building websites, setting up simple automations, and things like that. 

I tried every software and subscription out there—Semrush, Moz, you name it. 

Those were all built for people who were super techie. 

I was able to do some things, but not everything and I always felt stupid and confused

And I talked to breeder after breeder who wanted to be free of worrying about selling on social media. 

Some had analysis paralysis and just never started. Others spent a fortune on expensive SEO services and either did ok or saw no real results. 

And I was just as frustrated as everyone else. 

I even spoke to some breeders who found a "coach" from Australia who charged over $6,000 to show them how to rank on Google. She didn't do it for them, she showed them recordings and they had to do everything themselves. 


After searching and floundering and whining for years, I finally have a solution for all of us. I'm ranking on the front page for my business websites. The work to get there is easy to do.


And it's not stressful since the system asks me how much time each month I want to spend on SEO and then prioritizes everything for me and tells me what to do and how to do it in easy language.


Plus there are tools that make it even easier, including AI and automation that does a lot of the work for me!


My new system is

  • Easy to use—step-by-step personalized plan that explains what to tweak and how to do it

  • Clear time estimates that fit YOUR schedule

  • Reports and audits so you can follow your success

  • An AI assistant that writes your SEO copy and blog posts for you

  • Automation that does a lot of the work for you

  • Knowledgeable, friendly chat support

  • Works with all website platforms, including but not limited to WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Go Daddy, Weebly and more


Get started and up and running in less than an hour


And get results in less than 1 hour a week


If you can log into a website, you can do this!


You're only a few tweaks away from getting more traffic!


Let’s figure out which tweaks you need. 


Click the button below to sign up for your free 14-day trial and let’s get you on the first page of Google searches.


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